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I have tried to summarise here all the new development being done on Meri Maiya Site. This is for those regular Bhakts who visit Meri Maiya site and would like to know at a glance what have been changed, since they last visited .....

If you wish to know the date of addition of a particular link below, Please keep the mouse over the link for a second and the date will pop up .....

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There are always minor changes being done on Meri Maiya site, regularly, though they are not New, but they do have significant effect on Meri Maiya site. As a Meri Maiya bhakts, I thought you would be interested in knowing of these changes. The following is the list of updates being made on Meri Maiya site recently....

Updated Lodging & Boarding Information's
Updated Indian Airlines & Jet Airways office Numbers
Meri Maiya bhakts can subscribe by sending blank Email
Search Indexing done for topics added or updated
Updated Links in Text Menu making it more exhaustive
Errors on some pages for Pin This Page rectified
Bell sound at the entry of Meri Maiya Aarti page

if there's anything in your mind and you would like it to be incorporated in Meri Maiya Site, Please write to Me

(have Darshan your way)

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Last Updated on Tuesday June 24, 2008

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