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Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi Mail March' 2007


Meri Maiya
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Thanks for visiting the site of Meri Maiya and coming for Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi Darshan

Meri Maiya site is by Meri Maiya for all HER Children's

I am sure, you are having a great time, celebrating Meri Maiya Navratras and there have been many memorable moments, you would definitely like to share with all of us. Sharing your joy with Meri Maiya bhakts, increases your Happiness and as you always want to talk to Meri Maiya bhakts, what would be better time then today, to write to me and share your unique experiences with all of us .....

This are a great Meri Maiya Navratras as has always been; Happiness everywhere ..... Meri Maiya bhakts dancing and rejoicing ..... and celebrating with great enthusiasm ..... and Love for Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi ..... Meri Maiya Loves and Cares to see all HER bhakts Happy and rejoicing and celebrating HER Auspicious Navratras .....

It had been a great time answering to Meri Maiya Mails, you have so lovingly written all through Meri Maiya Navratras. Please excuse me, if I have not been able to reply to you on time, or still have to reply to your mails. I will try to reply very soon .....

I am sure, you have liked Meri Maiya Shree Durga Saptsati added in Meri Maiya site and listened to it during this Auspicious Meri Maiya Navratras in Hindi as well as in Sanskrit.

I hope to hear from you very soon, how you felt talking to Meri Maiya this Navratras ..... and your lists of do's and don'ts i.e. changes you have done in yourself during Meri Maiya Navratras, or that have changed your way of thinking ..... MERI MAIYA IS THE BEST TEACHER

It is a known fact to every Meri Maiya bhakt, that, whoever comes to seek Meri Maiya  blessings with a Sacred Heart, is never turned back empty handed.

With warm personal regards,

  ..... Meri Maiya bless you with all the best in life ..... 


!! Jai Mata Di !!

I really appreciate your great Shradha for Meri Maiya Vaishnodevi and your continuous  support for making Meri Maiya site .... loved by all Meri Maiya bhakts. 

 Details of Meri Maiya Aarti
Aarti Meri Maiya Jwaladevi Aarti
Artist Anuradha Paudwal

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 Forthcoming Asthmi of Meri Maiya .....

The Lunar Hindi Tithi 8th (Ashtmi) of Sukla Paksha (Sudi) as per the Hindu Almanac, of every month is considered to be very Auspicious day for Meri Maiya Puja ..... 

24th May' 2007, Thursday

detail information of other festivals of Meri Maiya is available at Tyohar

 Added New .....

Meri Maiya Jagaran & Chowki - Details of Meri Maiya Jagaran and Chowki been conducted around the world by Meri Maiya bhakts .....

Meri Maiya at bhakts Home - Meri Maiya Loves to be with HER bhakts. Meri Maiya Loves to stay with HER bhakts. Meri Maiya Loves to talk to us. SHE Loves to listen to us, and Loves to Share our joys and sorrows ..... When we cry Meri Maiya takes care of us, and when we laugh Meri Maiya enjoys the smile on our face .......

and Coming up More .....

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Meri Maiya bless you

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