Please read Meri Maiya Mantra daily, with correct pronunciation. Please note more than the meaning, its phonetic effect is important.

It is said that regular recitation or listening to the recitation of Meri Maiya Maha Mantra results in material success, peaceful life, and success in creative endeavors, richness and resourcefulness, overall progression in life and in spiritual energy.

Meri Maiya has given us various means and ways to worship HER. SHE has given us Mantra, Katha, Aarti, Shloks, Stuti, Bhajans ...... 

I have given here Meri Maiya Mantra for all Meri Maiya bhakts ..... Please Read Meri Maiya Mantra in the format of your choice for the purity of your soul ..... 

Read Shree Nav Durga  Rakhsa Mantra in English

Meri Maiya Mantra

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Meri Maiya Mantra Index

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Meri Maiya onLine Real Darshan

(full Darshan of Meri Maiya in Meri Maiya Pavitra Gufa)


Download written verses

(download written verses of Meri Maiya Aarti, Mantra, Shloks etc ..... in PDF form, and read them at your will, and also print the same)

Perform Aarti

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