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Meri Maiya Bhajan of the Week March' 2007, Vol. iii


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That's Meri Maiya, HER LOVE is Great, HER ways are different, Meri Maiya is unique in all Respect .....

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!! Ish Bar Ghar Mein Meri Maiya Aayegi !!
!! Jara Jor Se Jaikara Lagao, Sheranwalli Aayegi !!

!! Jai Mata Di !!

Written Verses of Meri Maiya Bhajan of this Week

Maa Aaye Tere Navrate Ho Rahe Tere Jagrate
Kismat Unki Tu Chamkati Jo Tere Dar Aate

Maa Aaye Tere Navrate Ho Rahe Tere Jagrate

Teri Jyot Akhand Jagi Hai Bhakton Ki Lagi Katar Hai

!! Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di !!

Tu Sinhasahn Pe Baithi Tu Hoke Singh Sawar Hai

!! Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di !!

Koi Chunri Lal Udhate Koi Mathe Tilak Lagate
Rote Rote Aane Wale Hanstein Hanstein Jate

Maa Aaye Tere Navrate Ho Rahe Tere Jagrate

Teri Naach Rahi Kanjkayein Rang Baras Raha Darbar Mein

!! Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di !!

Tere Itra Gulal Ude Hai Sabh Bhige Amrut Dwar Mein

!! Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di !!

Koi Dholak Jhanjh Bajate Koi Tali Sath Bajate
Khali Jholiya Lanewale Jholi Yahan Bharwate

Maa Aaye Tere Navrate Ho Rahe Tere Jagrate

Hoti Sabhki Sunwai Baithi Sachi Sarkar Maa

!! Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di !!

Bin Mange Mil Jayega Khole Bhaithi Bhandaar Maa

!! Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di !!

Chahe Giri Ho Ya Lakkha Maa Ko Pyara Har Bachcha
Jo Maa Ko Dil Ki Baat Batate Prem Se Shish Navate

Maa Aaye Tere Navrate Ho Rahe Tere Jagrate

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Maa Aaye Tere Navrate


Maa Teri Sidhiyan

Artists Lakhbir Singh Lakkha

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Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di Jai Mata Di