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  Download Meri Maiya Shree Durga Saptsati

(written verses of all the 13 Adhyayas of Meri Maiya Shree Durga Saptsati in PDF format, with Mahatmaya (Interpretation) of each of the 13 Adhyayas ..... You can print the same in a book format or Sing Along onLine ..... Also, including Meri Maiya Shree Durga Kawach, Shree Argala Strotra, Klik Strotra and Meri Maiya Aarti .....)


written Text of Meri Maiya Shree Durga Saptsati

(written text of Meri Maiya Argala Strotra, Klik Strotra and all the 13 Adhyayas of Meri Maiya Shree Durga Saptsati ..... by Meri Maiya bhakt Komal ..... Thanks Didi)


Meri Maiya Tyohar Calendar

(a ready reference of forthcoming auspicious Meri Maiya Asthmi days and also know when your birthday is on auspicious Meri Maiya Asthmi day)


Mp3 Lyric

(written verses of Meri Maiya Bhajans built in Mp3 files ..... you won't have to look for text to Sing Along Meri Maiya Bhajans)


  Read Tara Rani Katha in English

(read complete Tara Rani Katha in story form .....)


Download Meri Maiya Yatra Special Tips in PDF

(Meri Maiya Yatra special Tips now also in Acrobat PDF with pictorial Display ..... for Pictures speak louder than words)


Help and FAQ on Meri Maiya site

(very exhaustive Help and Frequently Asked Questions on Meri Maiya site, so you can get answers to your queries onLine and immediately ..... )


Meri Maiya Images ..... Meri Maiya Always with you .....

(Meri Maiya has very unique ways of reaching HER bhakts. Meri Maiya Images you will be able to print in frame sizes of 12"x15" or 10"x12" or 8"x10" ..... you just have to download Meri Maiya Images and take it to your photographer or to your photo shop near you and get it Printed, in your desired sizes .....)


Experience various climates at Meri Maiya Bhavan onLine

(we all Love Meri Maiya Darbar and may be most of you might have visited Meri Maiya Darbar in other seasons too, like in Rains, Snow fall, Summer, Winter etc ..... View the changes of climates onLine to feel Meri Maiya Bhavan in different climates)


Real Darshan of Meri Maiya Swaroop onLine

(Have Real Darshan of Meri Maiya Swaroop ..... Meri Maiya Chamundadevi, Meri Maiya Vajreshwaridevi, Meri Maiya Chintapurnidevi,  Meri Maiya Jwalamukhidevi and Meri Maiya Nainadevi onLine in MPG streaming Windows Media Player format)


Meri Maiya onLine Real Darshan

(full Darshan of Meri Maiya in Meri Maiya Pavitra Gufa, MPG streaming Windows Media Player format)


Meri Maiya Event Calendar

(to record all events including Meri Maiya Jagaran, Festivals etc ...)


Meri Maiya News on Meri Maiya site

(all the latest information for Meri Maiya yatra, Meri Maiya site etc .....)


Vidhis (Rituals) of Meri Maiya Jagaran & Chowki

(information on Vidhis (rituals)  etc .... of Meri Maiya Jagaran and Chowki)


Desktop Theme for Meri Maiya bhakts

(Change the look of your working with Meri Maiya Desktop, Icons, Cursors, etc...etc)


Meri Maiya site (Earlier)

(see how Meri Maiya and her bhakts helped me make the present site - and know the changes)




Links to other Meri Maiya Site

(I had been always searching for sites of Meri Maiya on the Net, and wish you won't have to do the same)

Click to find What's New been Added to Meri Maiya Site (today)


(have Darshan your way)


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